Haide Will supply Buyers with high-quality after-sales services in a cautious and responsible attitudes,present incredibly strong assure for the Buyer's standard Production.

Our After-Sales Service Commitments
Haide hereby solemnly promises: We implement the "three guarantees" service policy for any equipments sold by Haide, deliver free of charge installation suggestions, commissioning and upkeep of your equipments, instruction of your Buyer's relevant Operators; and supply technical needs for the installation and operation with the equipments, technical layout diagrams and other related facts, offer a lifetime supply of maintenance and spare components
The detailed measures are as follows:
1.We present the technical support for complete life.Recommendations for installation and commissioning of equipments: Based on the actual circumstance, to help and guide the Purchaser and Buyer's technical personnel inside the overall installation place, the installation of equipments, and deliver Buyer with answers to their queries and associated difficulties;
2.Deliver education for operation and maintenance personnel:Meanwhile, if any parts go broken and not artificial harm, we'll send you new ones at no cost
three.When will need the technician to go abroad, we will arrange the technician..We provide quick and satisfactory customer support, and promise to respond within 24 hours right after getting your complaints by phone or email.
4.Haide will inform all its Purchasers about any upgrades and considerable item improvements. Haide will provide gear modifications based on their expenses. Haide will offer Purchasers with high-quality after-sales services within a cautious and responsible attitudes, offer really powerful assure for the Buyer's typical production.