highway guardrail roll forming machine

The highway guardrail roll forming machine specializes guard rail panels. This kind of machine is widely used in the highways and related fields.

highway guardrail forming machine Specifications

This guard rail panel Cold forming machine can roll forming steel panel which is mostly used on highway guide rail.

highway guardrail roll forming machine

Expressway guardrail roll forming machine

we also can do a custom guard rail panel Cold roll forming Line for highway , We can design the highway guardrail forming machine according to your specification and profile drawing.


guadrail forming machine/Expressway W type Guardrails forming machine

 Material Specific

 colored steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet

 Main motor power


 Forming speed


 Diameter of roller

 Φ70 millimeter

 Thickness of Coil Sheet

 0.3-0.7 millimeter

 The width of the colored sheet


 The effective of steel sheet

1122 millimeter

 Hydraulic station pressure

 3 kw

 Hydraulic pressure

 10 - 12Mpa

 Total Weight

 about 3.5ton


380V3 phase 50Hz

 roll stand

 11 groups


 Computer adopt PLC, Mitsubishi FX-IS series

 Size length*width*high


 Roller material:

 high grade No.45 forged steel, plated hard chrome on 
the surface of roller with thickness 0.05 millimeter

 Frequency converter


 Computer operating screen

 MT6056 from Taiwan, touch screen

 Active shaft material

 High grade No. 45 carbon wrought steel at diameter 70mm 

 Material of cutter

 Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment 

Procedure  flow Decoiling  >> feeding  >> levelling  >> punching  >> forming  >> measuring  >> cutting >> production


Steel sheet for Expressway W type Guardrails forming machine

 Our shaft is strong, low value is hollow ,highway guardrail forming machine use steel pipe alternatively of shaft. The shaft is one of the most significant in regards to the machine, we know it principal press the plate, in the event the shaft is low good quality, it cannot bear the pressure ,so it’s simple to broke. So this is one about our high price tag, we make certain the top quality.
Our shaft is 45# steel, quenching and tempering remedy, low value is ordinary steel and no quenching and tempering treatment, and our roller is bigger than low price way guard rail forming machine , as well as the treatment of roller surface is challenging chromize coated 0.05-0.07mm, low price tag is 0.01-0.03mm even they paint silver powder instead of chromize coated.

Expressway guardrail roll forming machine
Expressway Guard Rail Forming Machine is definitely an specialist machine specialized in guard rail panel. The items of your machine are widely used within the highway as well as relate fields.
Our Roll Forming Machines for that manufacture of Expressway Guardrail, Galvanized W beam guardrails, Corrugated steel beam, fencing and road barrier, B Guardrail, 3 beam steel guardrail, Highway Barrier Beams, Common W type Guardrail, Steel Beam Guardrail, This guard rail forming machine largely includes conic, manual equipment, leveling procedure, edge cutting, punching, roll forming method, roll forming cutting method, stacking gear, stacking move tools, hydraulic station, electrical handle cabinet.

Express way Guardrails quick introduction
W type guardrails are cost-effective longitudinal highway barriers as Safeguard Rail designed to lessen the severity of run-off-road collisions, stop vehicular impact with roadside objects, and lessen the probability of car overturning. the roll-formed galvanized guardrails function the most recent advancements in highway security barrier technological innovation to make certain greatest power and long-term sturdiness of our goods. Galvanized guardrails are coated that has a uniform layer of zinc coating to avoid discoloration and weak spots brought on by rust and corrosion.
W type highway guardrails would be the most common crash barrier utilized on highways due to their higher effectiveness and economical manufacturing expenditures.