decoiler / leveling / slitting & cutting machine

This series of making lines apply to diverse model of coils. By way of uncoil, checking out level and chopping, this producing line give the tidy sheet for specific length and width.

This making line is suit for coils in different specification, through decoiler, flattening, slitter, cutting, finally type a plate in required length.

This line is composed of decoiler, feed leading table, slitter, cutting device, hydraulic station and pc handle system.

auto simple decoiler
auto simple decoiler

weight:1.5 ton
Carrying capatity: 5000kg
max coil width:1300mm
Coil inner: 500-600mm
operater: automatic,motor transmit
Dimention: 1.5*1*1m


hydraulic auto decoiler
hydraulic auto decoiler

dimension :2.6m*1.3m*1.5m
motor power:3kw
hydraulic power:3kw
inner dimension:460-550mm
weight:2 ton
bear mini weight :5 ton
length of arm:1200mm
auto car:
dimension 1.2m*0.7m*1.1m
the weight of rising:7.5 ton



sheet metal slitting machine

sheet metal slitting machine

(one) Materials of frame : (higher grade) 80mm H shape steel welding

(two) Thickness of middle plate : 12mm

(three) Stage of forming roller : 2steps

(four) Diameter of shaft (strong shaft): 61mm

(five) Materials of shaft (solid shaft): (higher grade) 45# Steel, quenching and tempering treatment

(six) Remedy of rollers : difficult chromize coated

(seven) Drive sort of roll forming machine : drive by chain

(eight) Chain : 19.05 mm (high grade)

(nine) Bearing : 6210 (higher grade)

(tem) Reducer : 5# (high grade)

(eleven) Energy of most important motor : two.2KW



steel sheet leveling machine

steel sheet leveling machine

Leveler Machine Specification

Steel Coil width: 1500mm

Shaft outer diameter: 140mm

Steps of forming rollers: 11steps

Chains transport 1.5 inch

Forming speed: 8-12m/min

Main motor power: 7.5kw

Voltage: 380 v, 50Hz, 3Phase

Hydraulic Station: 1 set

With hydraulic station, motor: 5.5kw

thickness of middle plate: 20mm

blade material: Cr12


Steel plate shearing Cutting machine

Metal Cutting Machine

Metal Plate Cutting Machine

Uncoiling-leveling-slitting-cutting producting line

decoiler-leveling-slitting-cutting producting line

This making line is affordable wired and easy operated. With high degree of automation, it can operated on stainless and carbon steel plate, colored sheet, alumnum plate along with other types of galvanized or clad sheet. This generating line is often made use of in making location of vehicle, container, household appliances, food item, packing and building material.

This creating line is primarily composed of little car, single or double head decoiler, premier and accurate checking method, trimming shears, stacker and top system. At the same time this line equiped with swing connection, guiding technique and corrective equipment.