Hydraulic Steel Sheet Bending Machine

Bending machine processing object: material thickness 0.2-1.0mm color steel object plate,carbon steel plate, galvanized steel sheet and so an.

Hydraulic Metal Sheet Bending Machine

Hydraulic Metal Sheet Bending Machine


1.Bending Angle:45 deg,60 deg,90 deg,120, deg,145 deg.
two.Bending Mould: Cr12
3.Machine Frame:300H-beam
four.Pump Station:4KW

panel length:4-6 meters
Oil cylinder diameter:80mm quantity: 4
Diameter(L*W*H): six.5m*1m*2.4m
Maximum bending length: 6000mm
Maximum thickness :2mm
Materials :colour steel sheet and carbon steel sheet
Steel welding
Voltage: 220V/single phase

High speed CNC metal sheet bending machine


The hydraulic system can fastly fall down, slowly fall down, control the press according the working rate,
fastly get up and down, and abruptly stop.

frequency converters
one, Installation parameters 4500mm×2100mm×1000mm
2, Bending width 4000mm
three,hydraulic motor energy 4KW
4,hydraulic pump station 10-12mpa
five,bending machine efficiency 0-8m/min
six, the thickness in the plate 0.35-1.0mm
seven,acceptable supplies for the machine galvanized sheet and colour steel plate

Function(Broadly employed inside the making steel construction
the mould may very well be conveniently modified diverse sorts.
the equipment can bend the plate into any designs.