Z purlin cold forming machine

Z steel purlin forming machine for (flying saw) ,hydraulic twist off Z Purline forming machine ,Hydraulic motor drive Z Purlin Roll Former,Z Shaped Roll Forming Machine

80-300 Z steel purlin cold forming machine Specifications

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine components:
Z Purline cold forming machine


Z Purline cold forming machine and Z steel purlin


Common introduction Z Purline cold forming machine.
The Z Purline created by this Fly-Saw Cutting Z Purlin Forming Machine is broadly made use of in the main body strain structure of your big and medium-size construction, which include just like the plant, the warehouse, locomotive shed, hangar, exhibition developing. it is known as financial and higher efficiency creating material. It has replaced angle iron, channel steel, steel tube and tradition purline.
Main technical parameters :
1 Installation dimensions: 13500mm × 2200mm × 1500mm
2 forming channel number: 13 rows
3 roller material: GCR15,80mm
4 main power: 11KW
5 Hydraulic Station Power: 11KW
6 Hydraulic Pressure :18-20Mpa
7 Forming speed: 9-10m/min.
8 Cutter material: Cr12
9 Electronic Control System: Frequency Control Industrial Computers PLC
10 Thickness :1.5-3 .0 mm
11 80-300 in the rolling standard specifications
12 2 inch chain

Application And After Sales Services for: automatic Z Purline Forming Machine ,Automatic Z Purlin Roll Former

Z purlin Cold forming machine specification :
This metal Cold rolling forming equipment is primarily composed of manual stacker, the pedestal of the stacker, the feed leading table, flattening device, the principle cold forming machine, punching device, cutting device, hydraulic station, computer system control device.

Product features of Z sharp purlin machine:
Rapid and easy installation helps minimize labor force.
Higher automatization, like auto cutting and punching
The solution with the machine presents high compressive strength and fantastic straightness.

Our Z Shaped Roll Forming Machine are widely used in many fields: industral factory, civilian developing, warehouse, effortless steel constructing, manufacturing, construction and have functions like good look and sturdy.

Item application of Z purlin machine:
Product of this metal forming machine is extensively employed in load bearing roof and buttree of huge and medium-size industrial and
For other profiles for steel deck along with other cold roll forming machine please really feel cost-free to contact.