Klip Lok metal roofing forming machine

It attributes a bold rib and flat pans with micro-cross fluting for superior strength, good for low pitched roofing and walls. Also out there on our mobile roll forming machine, onsite rollforming allows for lengthy lengths previously unachievable due to transport limitations.

Klip Lok metal roofing forming machine

Roof panel and Wall panel

Klip-lok roof panel forming machine:
1.Principal technical parameters:
1. Suitable material: colour steel sheet or galvanized steel sheet
two.Thickness of raw material: 0.4-0.7mm
three. Yield strength of material: 235Mpa-345Mpa
4. Forming speed: about 20m/min
5. Energy Requirement: Most important motor power: 7.5KW (Depend on final style); Hydraulic station energy: 2.2KW
six. Uncoilers loading capacity: Max. Capacity: 5000kgs (is usually increased to be 10T)
7. Controlling system: Mitsubishi PLC & Converter

two.Material of Primary Equipment:
1. Roller Material: High grade No.45 forged steel, with digital-controlled procession, Plated with hard chrome.
2. Active Shaft Material: High grade No.45 carbon wrought steel,which can improve the integrated mechanic feature of the shaft. Shaft diameter is 72mm.
three. Electric Elements: PLC control panel, transducer imported from Mitsubishi of Japan. Other elements from famous suppliers in China.

Clips are fixed with conventional hex head screws Transverse fluting allows for longer spans Now available with on site move roll former for even lengthy uninterrupted and low roof and wall pitch

Now available for huge projects with move roll former with longer lengths avoiding extension joint parts