roof and wall roll forming machine

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860 roof panel forming machine Specifications

This machine is composed of feed leading table, main forming machine, cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control system and so on.

corrugated tile machine
1). Tighten to container with steel wire rope and welded machine with container by angel iron
2). Main forming machine and un-coiler is naked(If you need we can also packed with water-proof plastic)
3). PLC contral system and motor pump are packed in wooden box with water proof paper coverage

 This type of sheet can be widely used in plant, house, storage and simple steel roof and wall. Optional devices: normal holder, hydraulic holder, auto-stacker and auto-discharge table.

860 roof panel forming machine  860 stamping plant for color steel
860 color steel forming machine

Main Technical Parameters :
1 Type: SLsl25-215-860 tile roll forming machine
2 Material Spec: colored steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet
3 main motor power:4.0kw
4 forming speed:8-10m/min
5 Diameter of roller: Φ70 millimeter
6 Thickness of Coil Sheet:0.3-0.8 millimeter
7 the width of the colored sheet :1000 millimeter
8 the effective of steel sheet: 860 millimeter
9 Hydraulic station pressure 3 kw
10 Hydraulic pressure: 10 - 12Mpa
11 Total Weight: about 2.5ton
12 Voltage:380 volt
13 Roll stand: 11groups
14 PLC: Computer adopt PLC, Mitsubishi FX-IS series
15 Size length * width*high: 6.0m*1.3m*1.2m
16 Roller material: high grade No.45 forged steel, plated hard chrome on
the surface of roller with thickness 0.05 millimeter
17 Frequency converter
18 Computer operating screen adopt MT6056 from Taiwan
20 Material of cutter:Cr12

The chart of process flow Decoiling---Feeding---Pressing and forming the shape---Measure the length---Cutting---Receiving the plate.

roll forming machine 1 set
hydraulic cutter 1 set
electrical control system 1 set
hydraulic system 1 set
normal output table 3 PC 1m*1m
manual decoiler 1 set, max loading 5 tons

PLC control system
1)this system uses PLC to control all working actions.production quality and each piece length will be automatically is convenient to control the roll forming machine.
2)Delta converter adjusts speed technology,realize the automatic production.
3)color touch screen is input and cancelled the text screen.
4)friendly man-machine interface system can be set batches to the work piece,length,quality,etc.
5)encoder count,having function of count and measuring length.
6)suitable power voltage:380V/50HZ/3 Phase(can be designed according to buyer's requirement)