roof and wall roll forming machine

750 roof tile roll forming machine

750 roof panel steel tile machine Specifications

Widely used in large and medium-sized industrial building span, such as factory, warehouse, aircraft parking, hangars, stadiums, exhibition halls, theaters and other roof. The rolling pressure plate forming a single-bite-style roof with the peak is high strength, no side seams, screw lock installation, safe installation lap, waterproof and strong anti-Performance characteristics of anti-riot units, and high automation project cost low, especially for live production site, thus reducing costs.


3.The equipment includes:
roll forming machine 1 set
hydraulic cutter 1 set
electrical control system 1 set
hydraulic system 1 set
normal output table 3 PC 1m*1m
manual decoiler 1 set, max loading 5 tons

1)forming steps:14 rows
2)material of shaft:45# steel diameter:75mm
3)rollers:material is 45# steel ,with digital-controlled procession.The rollers are plated with hard chrome with thickness of 0.05mm on the surface.
4)main machine motor power:4kw (depend on final design)
5)main stand:250H steel
6)chain and gear move the line,motor drives.All working actions are controlled by PLC electric cabinet automatically.
7)suitable power voltage:380V/50HZ/3Phase(can be designed according to buyer's requirement)
8)line working speed:8~12m/min(without cut time)
9)diamension of the machine:6.0*1.3*1.2m
10)weight of the machine:about 5000kg