HD 1040 Construction tile forming machine

Haide Wall panel 1040 tile forming machine , adopting roll forming method, can produce beautiful appearance with steady and euro...

HD 1040 Construction tile roll former machine

HD 1040 steel sheet

HAIDE roll forming machine Co., Ltd. (HAIDE) experienced style and manufacture of new metal roof, the wall panel machinery,an expert manufacturer specializing within the production of color-coated steel machinery, color steel tile machinery, Construction tile forming machinery, , at the same time as colo rsteel tile roll forming machine.

Main Technical Parameters :

1  Type: HD 1040 tile roll forming machine

2  Material Spec: colored steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet 

3  main motor power:4.0kw

4  forming speed:8-10m/min

5  Diameter of roller: Φ75 millimeter 

6  Thickness of Coil Sheet:0.3-0.8 millimeter

7  the width of the colored sheet :1250 millimeter

8  the effective of steel sheet: 1040 millimeter

9  Hydraulic station pressure  4 kw

10 Hydraulic pressure: 10 - 12Mpa

11 Total Weight: about 5ton

12  Voltage:380 volt

13  Roll stand: 20groups

14 PLC: Computer adopt PLC, Mitsubishi FX-IS series

15 Size length * width*high:7.8m*1.3m*1.2m

16 Roller material: high grade No.45 forged steel, plated hard chrome on 

19 chains:1"

20  Material of cutter:Cr12